Tiktok vs Instagram for New Zealand barbers

tiktok vs intsagram for new zealand barbers

Instagram is dead!

That is a bold statement I know and granted most of you are reading this article because I sent you here from instagram. But let me tell why I feel instagram is dying and tiktok is the new king of the social media platforms.

Most of you will remember the days when Facebook was king. Then instagram came along and it was the cool kid on the block. Barbers flocked to instagram in droves. Being a visual platform it was perfect for putting our work on display.

I started my instagram page at the end of 2017 right before new years 2018. Some of you will remember @bezthebarber. I actually used it to get my first job as a barber. 

3.5 years later I'm at 7.7k followers. I have had to consistently grind to get there, posting every day for years. While Instagram has been a very useful tool and bought me a lot of amazing opportunities in the barber game. When you look at the numbers they just don't stack up compared to tiktok.

To prove my point below is a comparison of my analytics from the last 30 days Instagram vs tiktok. In that time I posted 22 posts, 365 stories,14 reels, 12 igtv, 23 lives on instagram, for a total of 436 pieces of content. Vs 43 tiktoks. Crazy right?

Jabez makawe Instagram vs tiktok analytics

I get having a big tiktok following doesn't have the same clout in the barber world as Instagram yet but it will soon. Once everyone wakes up to the numbers and realises where the attention is.

If we understand that social media is a tool to bring awareness to our brands. A way to let people know about who you are, what you do and how you can help them. If All we are trying to do is get our product or service in front of people then you need to be on tiktok. Because like i said Instagram is dead!!!


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